2 Jun 2017

New headshots by @mattarmendariz. 😀

I’m so lucky to have a such a talented friend who will take a break from photographing food to photograph this goofy mug! I have heard nothing but positive feedback so far. 🙌🏻👏🏻

I’m also a bit late on this update but I’ve signed Theatrically with Aqua Talent Agency! I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me. I’ve already had a few auditions for major tv shows! Woohoo! Thank you all for your support! Here we go! (at Los Angeles, California)

15 Feb 2017

Oh ya know… Just chopping some lemons in this Leinenkugel commercial. No big deal. :-P

21 Nov 2016

Excited to see the music video for Timeflies called “Gravity” …. coming soon. It was a really fun shoot and the song is great. (at Downtown Los Angeles)

15 Sep 2016

Throwback to some behind the scenes fun with my #fakefam! Had such a great time filming this #commercial with these goofy people. Can’t wait for you all to see it!

27 Aug 2016

Bright and early to shoot a music video. 😝#keepthehustle #kashrockit (at Pasadena, California)

24 Aug 2016

❤️ throwback to our sweaty family dinner for Wal-mart. Missing these lovely ladies.

27 Apr 2016

I had a great time filming with these folks today. The cast and crew were amazing! Excited to see the finished product. :) (at California State University, Northridge)

3 Mar 2016

Throwback to being on set in Chile! Excited to see the commercial. Should be coming out this month! I’ll share more soon… :)

22 Oct 2015

Behind the scene shot rehearsing my interrogation scene. More info to come soon. :) #TBT #setlife

8 Jul 2015

The Season Finale of Party Betchez is here! See #sextape and the rest of the season on YouTube now! Party on Betchez! 💁🏼💅🏻🍸

1 Jul 2015

Why is Bobby so broken-hearted? Find out in the newest episode of Party Betchez… On YouTube. #PartyBetchez #LA #TheFP #webseries #brokenhearted

24 Jun 2015

Newest #episode of @partybetchez is out! “I’m IMDB-ing your ass!” #webseries #TheFP #LA #bossassbetch

17 Jun 2015

New Party Betchez episode is out now! Well… What are you waiting for? Stop being #basic and go watch it! Kthnxbye! 💋💅🏻💁🏼 #PartyBetchez #TheFP #youtube #webseries #basicbetch @davidrodriguez89 @coreyturner111 @clpinero @lizzieloch @kendramontagna

5 Jun 2015

Party Betchez: The A-List is out now! See what the hottest Betchez are up to…
#youtube #PartyBetchez #webseries #TheFP #LA #hashtag

3 Jun 2015

Oh… You didn’t hear? There’s a new A-Lister in town. Check out the new episode of Party Betchez. Go to YouTube or the Media section of my website (link in bio)! You’re welcome. 💅🏻💁🏼 #PartyBetchez #LA #TheFP #webseries #RyanBrady

15 May 2015

Loopholes: A Pain in the I.R.S. closes this weekend. So I figured… We all better take a selfie! :) Gonna miss these folks! (at The Hudson Theatres)

13 Apr 2015

Come see me play Sam Flushing and other characters in the World Premiere of ‘Loopholes: A Pain in the I.R.S.’! It’s opens on Tax Day (April 15) and runs every weekend til May 17th! I hope you can make it. :) Get tickets here: (at The Hudson Theatres)

8 Apr 2015

Oh hey there!! #funwithwigs #character #peterose #loopholesthemusical

3 Mar 2015

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be in another musical coming in April. It’s called Loopholes: A Pain in the I.R.S.. Tonight was our first read-through and it was awesome. This show is gonna be great. More details to come… (at The Hudson Theatres)

19 Feb 2015

“Party Betchez” is getting GIF’d!

“It’s like… Whateves.” 😝